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Help is the single largest database of classified ads on-line. Publications featured at are distributed in over 150 cities nationwide. Many of these editions are currently publishing the entire content of the paper on-line, with many more papers to follow suit each week.

There are many advantages of using the Internet to disseminate our ads:

  • You are able to place ads directly on the Internet.
  • Your ads are seen by millions of people across the country.
  • Consumers are able to find the items they want with instant access to over 150 publications.
Having trouble with the website?

Are you getting "Session Time Outs" or ending up on a "Search Tip" page? If so, your problems is most likely solvable by the following fixes:

  • Enable "cookies" for your browser
  • Enable "javascript" for your browser
  • Do not open multiple browser windows and go back and forth between them
  • Your session might have timed out or your ISP might have closed the session - just refresh your page, and try again.
  • Update to the most current version of your browser
  • Use a non-customized version of the browser
  • Update to 128-bit encryption (if trying to place ads online)

We understand that this might be frustrating at first, and you might be wondering why we changed the format and operating platforms? The reason is that we are now using very scalable software and hardware that will allow to expand the services they offer to their customers, and we will also be able to provide better, more efficient, and expanded services to all of our publishers.


The web site was designed to make it easier to navigate no matter where they are in the site. There is always a main navigation bar located at the top right of the page. This gives you instant access to your home location, our place ad wizard, your registered account, and our contact information.

Home: Will take you back to your default location's category selection page.

Place Ad: This wizard allows you, the customer, to place a classified ad online in just minutes.

Login/Account: Gives you access to your registered account to view your ad placement history and saved ads.

Contact Us: Contact publishers featured at by mail, phone, or email.


To assist you in finding ads in your area, our city selection screen is displayed by default unless you have chosen a default location. If you wish to find ads within a certain category, simply select the categories tab located just below the location bar of our site.

Out search tool allows you to search all ads within a selected distance of any city or zip code found in our system. Simply make your selections in the search bar provided at the top of each page and then click the search button. You will be taken to a search results page that has a category selection bar to the left hand side. This allows you to browse each category within your search area at your leisure.

Ad Placement

At there are three types of ads that can be placed. Which type of ad a city accepts depends on how they choose to participate in our program.

  1. In print and online
  2. Online only
  3. In print only

When you begin placing your ad, you will be able to select a city that accepts ads of the type you wish to place.

Deadlines for ads placed online is Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. (E.S.T.) to be printed in the following available print edition. Deadline for ads placed to the publication directly will vary depending on each publications schedule. You may contact the local publication to inquire about their specific deadlines.

Do you need to change or cancel your ad?

If you need to change any information or to cancel an ad that you placed online, you will need to contact that paper you placed the ad into directly.

You can find contact information for all of the publishers featured at here.

Refund Policy

If you placed an ad at your local publication office, and then wish to cancel the ad, you must contact the publisher where you placed the ad.

If you placed an ad online, and then wish to cancel the ad prior to the date the ad is suppose to run, you must contact the publisher where you placed the ad.

If you are requesting a refund for an ad that did not run properly, at all, or for any other reason, you must contact the paper where you placed the ad. If needed, that paper will contact the online office for any additional information. Both offices will work to resolve any refund issues as promptly as possible.

Please note, that if your ad did not appear online in a certain city, it does not mean that your ad was not printed. Please contact the publisher where you placed the ad for additional information on publishing your ad in a printed edition of a publication and on the website.

You can find contact information for all of the publishers featured at here.


The search engine is located at the top of each page in our search block. The search engine allows you to search all ads of publishers featured at You may narrow your search to a single city, a city and surrounding radius, or a zip code and/or surrounding radius. You can further narrow your search using keywords and/or categories.

Search Engine Tips

For many consumers that were familiar with the old site, you have most likely noticed the difference in the search engine. This search engine is very similar to many search engines on the net. Here are some tips on creating more precise searches:

  • By putting a word in quotes (" "), the engine will only pull ads that have that specific word. If you type in "box", you will get the result of any ads that contain the word box.
  • By putting the work without quotes (" "), the engine will pull ads that have that word and any possible plural of the word if it is pluralized with "s". If you type in tape you will get any ads that have tape or tape(s) in their copy.
  • By using a wild card ( * ), you can find any ads that contain forms of the word. If you type in box*, you will get a result of any ad that contains the word box and boxes. You can put the wild card at the beginning or even in the middle to narrow your search even further.
  • You can also you the word And, Or, or Not to help define your search parameters. If you type in Mustang And GT, you will get a result of any ads that have the combination of those two words anywhere in the ad. If you type in Mustang Or GT it find any ads that contain either of those words. If you type in Mustang Not GT, you will get a result of any ad that has Mustang in it, but exclude any results that has Mustang and GT. This feature can be used for searches done with quotations, without quotes, and with wildcards.

Please note that each publication assigns their ads to a category upon submission to our site. If you are having difficulty locating pertinent ads with a specific category in a particular city, try using keyword searching instead of category searches. Keyword searching on all categories will return appropriate ads no matter which category they are assigned. Additionally, when selecting any master category (i.e. Vehicles, Real Estate, or Construction & Equipment) your results will include all ads that are in that master category including all sub-categories (i.e. Cars, Trucks, or Appliances) your results will only include ads that are in that sub-category and ads that are solely assigned to the master category as a miscellaneous ad within that category.

My Default Location

When browsing our classified ads you are able to select a city, a city and radius, a zip code, or a zip code and radius. At any time you can assign on of these combinations as your default location by clicking the "Make my default location". As long as you have cookies enabled and your cookies are not cleared, you will be automatically defaulted to your chosen location when you return to You can change this selection at any time and can browse other locations without affecting your default at any time by simply performing a new search or selecting a new city.

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